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    Transom Repairs Hobie 14

    Yes i was going to soak it in epoxy .. you would you not use a sheet of ply ? why not as i have read that using ply gives it some flexibility verses just glass or glass and metal plate (I will also use a aluminum 1/4 plate for the screw/bolts for the rudders to go thru inside the transom) Also the ply would be sandwiched in glass
  2. dickd

    Transom Repairs Hobie 14

    I have some 15mm Marine Ply that i and am thinking of cutting out to the size of the template and to cut out the whole back area for it to fit in too. I was thinking then to use over size sheet of fibreglass , soaked and to insert it in to the hull to form the back transom adding additional fiberglass via the inspection whole then move to the outside with another sheet to round off the rear of the transom area
  3. Purchased Hobie 14 that has had a transom repair done that has just failed after 2 sails (so not good job by previous owner) The transom has a stainless steel plate on the outside possibly for strength i am to assume' In my reading for repairs to transom there is a mention of a aluminum plate on the inside of the transom but i can not find any official notification of this, can any one throw some light on this I have enclosed three photos one of inside my damaged hull one of the plate and the outside damage. Will i need a plate inside ? I plan to Fiberglass a layer of sheet inside then the same outside possibly two layers inside to build strength Ideas welcomed Cheers Dick
  4. As newbie to H14 we got out yesterday and after rigging up the boat have found that the side shrouds are at the max adjustment and are very loose plus the forestay is at max adjustment as well:confused: All wires are to H14 specification in including adjusters etc The mast seems not to be upright and leans back from vertical and sides are loose as It is a non turbo and has no jib Welcome thoughts on what we should do Also measured the mast and it is to spec's and all places that hold wires are in the correct places Thanks in advance
  5. Hi Looking to buy Hobie 16 preferably but would consider looking at 14 also We are on the Sunshine coast Queensland 0407012259 Dick or Julie Purchased a 14 Now looking to purchase Jib for Hobie 14 and two adults do not suit a 14 so still looking at a hobie 16