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  1. blackmozz

    kick up rudders wanted.

    Hi darcy1945, do you still have the rudders available?
  2. WANTED 1 or 2 windrush 14 rudder blades ***deep only...also looking for beach wheels
  3. set of beach wheels 2.25 wide.. Melbourne/south west area preferred
  4. blackmozz

    F14 for sale

    F14 Alpha Omega 4.3 SOLD
  5. blackmozz

    F14 for sale

    F14 Alpha Omega 4.3 SOLD
  6. blackmozz

    F14 Alpha Omega

  7. blackmozz

    F14 Alpha Omega

    F14 Alpha Omega 4.3 complete high performance boat ready to race click this link to see the boat in action....(green kite) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-kiOai0IX7c carbon beamscarbon mastcarbon boomcarbon tillercarbon rudder stocks...X2 sets2 X sets rudders..1 flip up...1 with foilscarbon kite shute2x sets centre boardsKevlar composite hullsMackay trailerharken blocks through outbeach wheelsAO 4.3 weighs 70kg rigged. Beam and dolphin striker bolts were replaced last season new uv protection clear on mast and beams main sheet, kite ropes 1/4 season old tramp, sail and kite in good usable condition $6600 inspect in Melbourne 0406470038
  8. try http://altonayachtclub.org.au/ sailing school started last week......always possability of drop outs
  9. blackmozz

    first port phillip bay sail of spring

    beach landing its ok to land on any beaches unless signed other wise.....the only place that I know of in the bay that has a sign is Williamstown beach
  10. blackmozz

    Melbourne Winter Sailing

    try Sugarloaf Sugarlaof sailing club sails all through winter. There are Taipans and other cats sailing there. Next reggatta is 29/7, check out the web site for more details. http://www.sailsugarloaf.com/supercalcurrent.php
  11. hi Ricey....happy to show you how the boat works. I sail at Altona....Saturdays around 11 we get there Where are you located? happy to answer any questions. 0406470038 Ely
  12. GAB A BARGAIN ebay listing finishing this FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/190615923600?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649 0406470038 TO INSPECT
  13. Royal Geelong has an off the beach club. Call them to ask for permission to put your trailer in the yard and you can take your boat to the beach next to the big ferris wheel. Altona has easy access over the rail fence if you back the trailer in, plenty of parking in the Western side of the bay, 40km from Geelong, 20km from Melbourne.