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  1. yarra bay

    Screecher Wanted

    try switch sails
  2. yarra bay

    Wildcat. F16 States

    I thought this was the Nationals
  3. yarra bay

    F18 Capricorn

    boat sold to a happy person
  4. yarra bay

    F18 for sale

    ok who is this guy anyway boat sold
  5. yarra bay

    WANTED Nacra F18 Spinnaker

    any F18 Spin will do unless you are sailing a Nacra event
  6. PSA on the central coast are making the new F18 capricorn and the boat seems to be getting a lot better
  7. yarra bay

    Hobie Tiger parts

    hey rod would you like to buy a capricorn? 2 sets of sails soild carbon borads (PSA)
  8. yarra bay

    NSW police measuring boat width

    he got me for $165.00 but it could have been almost $1000
  9. yarra bay

    new boat

    hawky we have a capricorn F18 for sale all 2 sets of sails and solid carbon boards
  10. yarra bay

    NSW police measuring boat width

    that was me with the F18 that got booked, for starters that police officer wouold book his own family. he pulled me over messured me at 2555mm thats 55mm over there was a few things he didnt even look for like no right hand side out side light there was no number plate light as well, my licence was stuck back together with sticky tape and he didnt random breath test me. this same officer had been posted bullet shells also found a pigs head on his door step korwich you really need to read that properly as anything over 2.5m wide can only be towed between sun up and dusk you need to flags and over size load signs and you have a speed limit of 80km
  11. yarra bay

    F18 and F16HP

    Hey Hood are you coming to paynesvlle
  12. yarra bay

    Anyone from KCC?

    good one Jayboy how ever its one of the best place on the bay to sail out of and if you at some of the photos around you will see a long cat sdailing history
  13. yarra bay

    Anyone from KCC?

    hobie you should know about Yarra bay sailing club if you are a hobie sailer, they have a great learn to sail program of the beach is great for your prindle however there are no cats racing out there go have a look there
  14. yarra bay

    Wild cat

    its the first one i will miss in 15 years mate sorry i cant make it have fun
  15. yarra bay

    Nacra 5.2 $1000 or best offer, Pambula

    you are right now tony but like i said you cant just sell a boat because they owe money it has to be done the right way