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  1. Here's hoping that the yardsticks get adjusted accordingly.
  2. korwich

    Traveller car

    And weigh less than the 6 wheel ones too.
  3. korwich

    4.3 Mk1 Mast Step Loose

    Can you feather it out a bit in the center with a grinder or a rasp so as it fits the athwartships curve of the beam, I've never noticed this problem before? Maybe yours is an older mast step?
  4. korwich

    Maricat Documentation

    Thanks Tim We'll put them into the archives of the association. Cheers Phil
  5. korwich

    Jib blocks and components

    http://www.catsailor.net/uploads/monthly_2016_11/medium.PB210060.JPG.5fa5e1234d8ce1a6c1bd28fecae2dd43.JPG See photo for details. This will give you an idea of the length too, I can just manage to loop my blocks over my traveler cleat on the back beam. Cheers Phil
  6. korwich

    Jib blocks and components

    The ones that I have are ronstan RF45130, not cheap but they are good, you could try for something similar and cheaper. The ones that I have do not have the swivel at the bottom but have a dynema loop I find that better as they do not get twisted around themselves, (the dynema loop blocks I feel are no longer supplied by ronstan). Make the sheets as small in dia as you can handle and make them only a long as you need to be able to furl the jib, otherwise every time that you tack you have metres of sheet to pull through the block.
  7. korwich

    Foam Mari, $4k neg

    "Fat Old skipper no longer sailing to potential" who still floggs our arses around the course.
  8. korwich

    4.3 Mk1 Removing the Front Beam

    Hi Make sure that you release all tension from the dolphin striker before you undo the bolts, If your boat still has the aluminium columns/towers that bring the bolt heads up to the top of the beam the bolts may have grown inside the towers as the towers are ally and the bolts are stainless. If that is the case the bolts may be hard to remove and the towers will likely split when you move the bolts, if that happens you will need to replace the bolts with shorter ones and put big stainless washers in the bottom of the beam to spread the load. There is a cast alloy washer that is available from the dealer that works better than a big washer, and I would advise using them really. When you replace the beam I suggest that you put bog or at least sikaflex under the beam before you bolt it all down to bed the beam down nice and snug. If you need bits call Mick on 0419999485 Cheers Phil
  9. korwich

    Photo of Pixie Dust Express

    There would be 3 kills on the bow. The A class (really he hit me, I did not hit him, he got my mari right on the rear beam with his backward raked bows I was going at right angles to him and I took his bow with me) Darcys boat, (that would have likely been ok if the guy sailing it had come in instead of continuing to race until it fell apart) And Pixie Dust, Yeh I broke pixie dust.
  10. korwich

    Nationals for 2017

    NOR for the Nationals 2017 NSW and Act MARICAT National titles 25th and 26th February 2017 Hosted by Griffith Sailing Club at LAKE CARGELLIGO BOAT CLUB, Lake Cargelligo NSW NOTICE OF RACE ORGANISING AUTHORITY Griffith Sailing Club The Notice of Race can be found at “Download the flyer here – Lake Cargelligo Maricat Nationals & Laurie Meline Memorial Regatta” Using the following website link http://www.griffithsailing.org/wp1/maricatnationalslauriemeline/ Maricat Association of NSW & ACT Inc 2016 MARICAT Assoc of NSW & ACT National Titles 25th and 26th February 2017 Additions to NOTICE OF RACE RULES The regatta will be governed by the 2017-2020 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS), by the Prescriptions of Yachting Australia, by part 2 of the Yachting Australia Special Regulations and by the Class Rules and By-Laws of the MARICAT Association of NSW & ACT Inc, except as any of these are altered by the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions. ELIGIBILITY AND ENTRY • Entry is open to all MARICATS for which at least one Full Membership for the 2016/2017 season has been paid to the Association. The nominated helmsperson shall be a member of the MARICAT Association of NSW & ACT Inc. and the forward hand (if applicable) must be nominated at the time of entry. • Eligible boats must complete two registrations, one with the Griffith Sailing Club as well as one with the Maricat Association of NSW & ACT • Entry with the Griffith Sail Club may be completed using the entry form, attached to the Notice Of Race, and sending it, together with payment, to the address on the Entry Form or registry will be available on the day. (Sailing Fees for the weekend of $45.00 senior or $15.00 junior are to be paid to Griffith Sailing Club) • Registration with the Maricat Association may be completed by using the form attached to this notice. Entry fees cover purchase of trophies and association costs. The following Entry Fees will apply: • $10.00 – Championship entry fee (early registration) • $15.00 – Championship entry fee (late registration) ie at the regatta • Membership fee for period July 16 – June 17 $20 ($10 student) • These fees must be paid electronically by 21/2/2017 or on the morning of 25th February. DIVISIONS • Cat-rigged one-up • Sloop rigged two-up • Super Sloop one-up Trap optional • Maricat 5.0 cat rigged one up • Maricat 5.0 sloop rigged 2 two-up SCORING As voted in the last AGM, Sailing Australia Yardsticks (previously VYC) shall be used. As a result there will not be a classic division. MEASUREMENT Each boat and all equipment shall have been measured by a measurer approved by the MARICAT Association of NSW & ACT Inc. prior to being used in a heat of this championship. The Race Committee reserves the right to inspect any boat or equipment at any time for compliance with the class rules. PRIZES Trophies will be awarded for 1st 2nd, 3rd placings where there are five or more boats in a division in the Championship. In addition the winners on scratch will be awarded perpetual trophies. Other prizes may be awarded subject to the discretion of the Organising Authority and Maricat Association of NSW and ACT Inc. DISCLAIMER • It is the competitor’s decision to enter or to start and continue in any race. Competitors shall accept that their participation is at their exclusive risk in every respect. By way of entry competitors shall indemnify the Organising Authority, (Griffith Sailing Club), their officers, members, servants and agents in respect to all claims and demands of whatever nature which may be made upon them in connection with or howsoever arising from their participation or intended participation. • The Organising Authority, Griffith Sailing Club, their officers, members, servants and agents accept no responsibility in respect of loss of life, personal injury or loss or damage to property which may be sustained by reason of their participation or intended participation in an Event or howsoever arising in connection with an Event. • INSURANCE All competing boats shall certify, by entering, that they carry third party liability insurance of an amount of not less than AU$10,000,000. For further information contact Phil Johnston, President, Maricat Association NSW & ACT Inc. Email forgemasters@optusnet.com.au phone 02 49531690 or Warren Pfeffer, Secretary, Maricat Association NSW & ACT Inc. email warren.pfeffer@gmail.com phone 0401984297 or Micheal Colecliffe, Race Secertary, Maricat Association of NSW & ACT Inc. email mikecolecliffe@bigpond.com phone 0419999785.
  11. korwich

    Nationals for 2017

    Hi All Maricaters We were going to be having our nationals at Griffith on Lake Wyangan, however it looks like the lake will still be closed due to algal blooms, so we are looking at moving the titles to Lake Cargelligo. Still going to be the same weekend in Feb (25th and 26th). Still going to be run by the Griffith Club. Just a change of venue. Has anyone got any real objections to this. We have already told the guys at Griffith that we will be coming to their club for the Nationals and Griffith is real keen to have us, so the right thing to do is to honour that agreement just the venue will change. The journey time is still about the same if a little shorter. Comments? The majority of guys I have heard back from are saying no probs, whatever, just let us know. Lake Cargelligo has a caravan park 2 motels and a pub, they are a town of about 1400 people. You can comment on here or on FB, either on the maricat page or if you belong on sailing buddies. Cheers Phil
  12. korwich

    Wallarawang Maricat

    Was that Adam Darcy?
  13. korwich


  14. korwich

    Billygoat newbie question thread

    Photo showing my jib sheet setup, and it will give you an idea of the length of the sheets needed, (mine is probably on the minimum). Nope maybe not, I can't get the photo small enough (40kb) and still have it readable. The photo is in the gallery section under the maricat folder, look for jib sheet setup. Phil
  15. korwich

    Billygoat newbie question thread

    More stuff I thought of. Rig tension is achieved by the use of the mainsheet, when you are all rigged, pull the main right out to one end of the traveller then pull on a fair bit of tension in the sheet. Then adjust your stay tension with the main keeping the stay on this side loose. Repeat for the other side. If the wind is up, you'll have to turn the boat through the wind so as the main will set on the side you want it to. its easier to rig the boat off the trailer, with it sitting flat on the ground, use some rubber or such to stop the rocks etc from damaging the hulls. To learn how to rig on your own read the notes stuck to the top of this forum. Re the weed you may be better off with beach rudders. Phil