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  1. korwich

    Can a Maricat fly a hull?

    What a pity that we can not post pictures into the forum. I have some good recent photos of mari's up in the air.
  2. korwich

    new website

    where's the new website pickle. Draggn the chain a bit here.
  3. korwich

    new maricat owner

    Mick lives and works in Tanilba Bay (Port Stephens) but he does travel, he tells us. 780 is'nt that old mine's 586, still goes though.
  4. korwich

    nats progress results

    Hey Mick, whats happened to Scotty, was he a no show or has he got problems or is he just not placing.
  5. korwich

    maricat dealer

    Oh yeah, I forgot, congratulation Mick.
  6. korwich

    maricat dealer

    so we can take it humungus is back on the market?
  7. Hi folks. Trying to get my rudders and hull to a better surface condition for this season. Big scratches and chips all over. Does anyone have any tips on applying flowcoat. such as how to get no brushmarks, how to get an even coat, do you have to always cut it back with wet and dry or is there a better method. Any tips or tried and proved tricks gladly accepted.
  8. korwich

    Any tips on Flowcoat and finishes

    Thanks guys, brushed flowcoat onto the rudders came out OK? then sanded back with orb sander then wet and dry by hand,then cut and polish car wax. Not absolutely perfect but a BIG improvement on what I originally had.
  9. korwich

    New maricater

    Katie,a very promising maricater and also very pleasing on the eye. Katie welcome to sailing.
  10. korwich