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  1. korwich

    State and National Titles

    We were waiting on confirm from the Concord re the tigers, and yes we did look favouralby at ACT for the states, had to get in contact with Nick. I'll start chasing it up.
  2. korwich


    Mick says you and him are camping on the beach????.
  3. Thats like, I went to the doctor and he said I had to have surgery on my hand, "Oh will I be able to play the guitar to a profession standard after my hand heals" I asked him. "With proper exercise and stretching I can't see why not", was his reply. "Great" I answered "cause I'm real shit at playing it at the moment".
  4. korwich

    2015 yardsticks

    Which ever way you look at yardsticks there is bound to be someone not happy, the mari guys used to have the windy guys wingeing when we were on 88 and they were on 87. Then they got square tops, our yardstick dropped to 86.5, but their yardstick did not change.and they stopped wingeing. As Rod says the mari foam SS yardstick has mainly dropped to 86.5 because of the better sailing skills of the sailors sailing in that confirguation, not that the boats have changed, which they have'nt. The only difference with us is there are more mari's being sailed with trap now then a few years ago. Trap was always allowed back then just no one used it. The sails are still the same, the rig is still the same, the boat is still built to the design weight. The only thing to really change is the boat is being sailed by better sailors. With Colecliffes Breadons and others not sailing cat rigged as much (in the bigger regattas) that yardstick has increased. Really one way to look at it, is to get people to sail in your class you need a shit (meaning High) yardstick, that way when you go to a regatta you will have a head start on winning the regatta against a boat with a low yardstick. I suppose the arrows are cheering their tits off as they now have a fast light boat with square top sails made of the latest material, with a trapeze and also a centerboard, they have a zippy boat that they can sail together in a class no probs, and when they race on yardstick against other 14 super sloops they have a headstart against the other SSs with a lower yardstick. You can only sail it for what it is on the day. I knew that all I had to do was stay on the windies arse the whole race, finish with them and I'd beat them on yardstick by a minute. Those days are gone, Oh well. Phil
  5. korwich

    Brass Monkey, Toukley, June 6,7,8

    Booked in at the caravan park at Canton Beach, Osprey unit, even got a 20% discount and the kids stay free. Happy days. Phil
  6. korwich

    2015 yardsticks

    So you are saying that sweet 16 is a run of the mill old mark 1, you are a funny boy James! Apart from that I'm not looking to get involved.
  7. korwich

    Brass Monkey, Toukley, June 6,7,8

    Booking accom tomoz, roll on Brass Monkey.
  8. korwich

    ANZAC Regatta 1015

    Thankyou for your concern James.
  9. Where was everyone? Only Jimbo and I fronted.
  10. Was either someones door mat or a dead dog, I didnt stop to investigate. I'll be sailing at Speers on Anzac day, come early get rigged and then go for Breakfast at either pippys or around to the bay, anyone free to join me.
  11. korwich

    Buying first Cat

    Hi Matt I've got a mate who is dead set keen on buying a brand new hobie 14, he does'nt want second hand, he wants brand new. Can you point us in the right direction to get him a new hobie 14, (he's not at all keen on a 16, reckons they are too big to handle by himself).
  12. Just looked at your photos again and noticed that your downhaul does come out to the stays, so ignore that piece of advice.
  13. You can see it here, the red and white line, not the rope that is hooked over my thumb. Also don't know if your boat is set up for it, but run the downhaul out to the stays and tie it off there. As you can see my downhaul is not anywhere near on, but its not a problem as the ends of the lines come out to and are tied onto the side stays and I can reach it easy from the wire.
  14. Hey George You need to look at putting the modification on whereby your job sheets follow you when you go on the wire. Then you dont have to come in to adjust them. It has a ring that the sheets run through attached to your trapese hook by a piece of bungee, one for each side.
  15. korwich

    canvas covers

    I have been buying the better quality tarps from Bunnings, they last me about 2 to 3 years. Cheaper than a fitted cover, lasts longer than the cheap tarps.
  16. Not sure if this will help with the bungee routing but this is how mine ised to be.
  17. korwich

    Cock of the Harbour

    Its only the 22nd today Rob. Cock of the harbour next weekend.
  18. korwich

    Oberon nats

    Thanks for your help with the results and everything else Rob.
  19. korwich

    Sail Number- Year of Manufacture

    2762 looks damn good for a boat that could be 35 years old.
  20. korwich

    Sail Number- Year of Manufacture

    Ha ha ha once again the old chestnut reappears. Once again Jimbo he smashed into me, photo of the damage to my boat. You can't put a bow of an A class into a rear beam support on a Mari by any other method. Yes I was in the wrong but it was he caused it, same as some idiot slamming on his brakes mid traffic for no reason, you run into him, you're in the wrong but he caused it. Also as it turned out he did not obey rule 14. He was a young guy who had borrowed a new boat, I don't know if he had insurance or not, (possibly not) I figured the decent thing was for me to not contest the protest and allow my insurance (which I knew for sure that I had) to cover the costs.
  21. korwich

    Sail Number- Year of Manufacture

    When did you buy the 1st Humungus Mick?
  22. korwich

    Sail Number- Year of Manufacture

    Usefull info there Rod. Nice to get a confirmed date with a sail No, to match. No idea of how many boats they would have been selling per month or per year back then, (just a guess)? Phil
  23. korwich

    Cracking day sailing our windrushs at SGYC

    Where possible we will always try to get the host club to use Koonawarra, but there are more and more clubs that use VYC and thats it, no discussion. Phil
  24. korwich

    Cracking day sailing our windrushs at SGYC

    Don't winge, they have put the Mari's on 86.5 and we haven't changed a thing, still got cloth sails, still got pin tops, still got no battens in the jib, but now we gotta beat a windy pin top by .5 or an arrow by 2.5 minutes.
  25. korwich

    Oberon nats

    The winners in the cat rigged boats were 1st Rick Fin (Concorde/Ryde), 2nd Lucy Nissen (Speers Point), 3rd Lindsay Small Concorde/Ryde), Cat rigged classic was the same sailors in the same order. Super sloop was 1st Mark Baker (Concorde/Ryde), 2nd Mick Colecliffe (Tanilba Bay), 3rd Warren.Pfeffer (Mannering Park). Super Sloop Classic, was 1st Mark Baker (Concorde/Ryde), 2nd was Dave Young (Budgewoi?), 3rd was Adrian Heap (Concorde/Ryde). 1st sloop rigged was Wayne T and crew from Port Kembla, (sorry I dont have Waynes 2nd name). 1st M5.0 Ash Johnson and crew (Carcoar Dam Sailing Club). Seems like Concorde/Ryde must be doing something right). Phil