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  1. nacrabat

    Advice on Nacras please

    At 90kg you'd be better looking at a 16sq or 4.5.
  2. nacrabat

    2012-13 seq nacra super series

    Once again the BRSC put on a great weekend of good food, wonderful hospitality and lousy weather. For all those Qld's who didn't make the trip, perhaps forgivable given the forecast, it was indeed a BLAST. Early arrivals on Friday were greeted with strong cold southerlies and driving squalls in which to pitch their tents, so I'm told. By race time Saturday the wind was S 15-20 and building. Visitors from Qld included Ian and Meg from Cleveland on their 5.8 and Phil from Hollywell (nee Ballina) on his 4.5 "No Waiting". Other Nacras were all from Ballina including yours truly on 4.5 "Poetry in Mocean", the Horseleys on 5.8 "Two Foot Extra" and Bill and Zac on 5.8 "Sheel Be Right", Col and Roy on their 16sqs, "Shore Thing" and "Easy Beat". Suffice to say it was a wild weekend with punishing conditions. Saturday saw winds gusting over 30kts during the race resulting in many casualties, fortunately no serious damage but only 7 of 19 cats finished. Sunday morning was a little calmer but still hairy and Sunday pm was cancelled due to strong winds. Results are at:- http://www.bigriver.yachting.org.au/site/yachting/bigriver/downloads/Bridge%20to%20Breakers%20Results.pdf More info and pics coming soon at http://www.bigriver.yachting.org.au/
  3. nacrabat

    2012 Peel Island Marathon

    We'll be there Ballina 4.5s, "Poetry' ", Aquilla and Tango hope to arrive Saturday. Be great to see some other Bris area 4.5s out to play.
  4. nacrabat

    2011 -2012 seq nacra traveller series

    and a great w/e it was too! Does anyone have any photos to share? I'm sure I saw lots of cameras around the track when I wasn't busy dodging plastic GPs'.
  5. nacrabat

    Taipan 4.9 Whitsunday Islands Cruise

    Jon, Good to see "Learning to Fly..." still providing great times and please continue with the story. Previous proud owner of 051. Dave.
  6. nacrabat

    Another bloody Tinaroo video

    Only in FNQ could/would you sail in a bloody cowboy hat! lol
  7. Any reports on this event? There maybe some of us keen Ballina travelers looking at coming up next year if it is worth it.
  8. nacrabat

    nacra 4.5 adventurer

    Just noticed you are in Townsville. There are at least a couple up that way.
  9. nacrabat

    nacra 4.5 adventurer

    4.5 adventurer I bought a 4.5 adventurer a few years back. sailed it once with the front tramp in place, took it off and never put it back. I lifted a hull coming out of a tack and the wind got under the tramp and flipped me straight over. Never capsized so fast before! I would also be dubious about putting much weight on the front in any sort of breeze. I still have the boat and love it as a one person sloop rig. The 4.5 is an easy boat to sail and can be very rewarding. Competitive with many 16 footers and larger. Where are you based? We have four or five sailing regularly at Ballina, in season, and there are a few scattered around Brisbane and further up the coast. Also had a "Hobie Getaway" before the Nacra. It was much better suited to the front tramp setup which was open mesh so not so susceptible to wind and water influence. I would not like to nosedive a 4.5 with the front tramp in place!!
  10. The 4.5s from Ballina will be there, hopefully at least four of us. Looking forward to it.
  11. nacrabat

    Which Nacra to buy?

    Hi Wayne, If you are looking to race at Ballina in the future go the 4.5 for the competition. We have a solid fleet of 4.5s at RRSRC with a great bunch of owners and enjoy some close and fun competition. Handicap allowance is made for two-up verses one-up and we try not to get too serious. Look forward to seeing you there. Dave.
  12. nacrabat

    Nacra 4.5 For Sale

    A contact number would be usefull!!
  13. nacrabat

    Sailing Safety

    11.. A hand held gps so you can tell the CG where in the water you are. Very hard to spot a floating head!! Even with a flashing light on it!!! Dave.
  14. nacrabat

    Sailing Safety

    Hi Barry, The boats called "Learning to fly...", not "Learning to SWIM..."!! If its any consolation she did that to me once too. I got swept off the trap wire after sailing into a hole and getting tea bagged whilst on a screaming reach. Boat continued in a wide arc to leeward before eventually capsising about 100 yards away. I soon found its very hard to make significant progress swimming in a harness and pfd! Fortunately there were other sail boats in the area and i was picked up fairly promtly and reunited with L2F. I never sailed that boat alone again. Similar thing happened when I capsized my Nacra first time out. I dropped down over the upper hull onto the floating lower hull and simply slipped off as it was very shiny and slippery. By the time I surfaced the boat was blowing away from me at a rate of knots and rapidly out of reach, assisted somewhat by the windage of the forward tramp, now removed!! Again I was sailing with other boats and was picked up promtly. No real drama except a few minor scratches on my shiny (read SLIPPERY) near new boat. These experiences have led me also to ponder the idea of attaching oneself to the vessel and I intend to try the tether from the mast base idea with a carabina type hook to the harness. The shock cord idea to keep it tidy sounds good too. Hope the damage to L2F is not too bad and you are otherwise having a ball with her. Cheers, Dave.
  15. nacrabat

    Weta tri

    Anyone sailing the new Weta trimarans from NZ yet? Interested to know how many sold and any owners views.