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  1. northqldpete

    Hobie 16 for sale - boat sold

    I have a white 16' 1980 ish Hobie for sale. This girl has been with us for a while now, in both salt and fresh water, although mainly the fresh waters of Lake Tinaroo in Nth Qld. Great family boat. My 2 ex teenage kids have moved to Brisbane and I have purchased a smaller boat. (read slower). This boat is not new however it is very sailable. The hulls have just had a new strip of fibreglass put on the bottom of the hulls and the hulls have been repainted. Not a perfect job but quite passable. The trailer, sailbox, spare wheel (new rim and tyre), beach rollers, mast float, 2 trapeze wires, lights on the trailer are all good to go. Mast and boom are probably original however sails are newer..... but I am unsure of how new. We have had loads of fun with her however, she is looking for a new family now. First to see will buy. Contact me on 0407168536 or pbyrne@netknowhow.com.au $1950.00 Cheers Peter
  2. northqldpete

    14' cat with trailer- Tinaroo Nth Qld- free- sold

    boat found a new home. TA
  3. Family cat, 1/3 full of expandafoam...will not sink. Old but good. Has mast, main and jib. I thougth it was a hobie for a long time however think it is a windrush now. To give away to a good home. Must take trailer and boat. Unregistered. I spent about $1000 on the trailer a few years ago, making it roadworthy. Easy to rig by yourself and easy to sail for kids. Some sea work but mainly been in the fresh water of Tinaroo. contact me direct pbyrne@netknowhow.com.au or via this site. Cheers Peter
  4. northqldpete

    I want a HObie 16 or similar

    thanks for that, loads of times I am surrounded by unhelpful teenagers so I need to be able to step the mast by myself. I use the boat for sailing on a lake where we camp for days at a time. We go on little outings however I like the idea of storage on the boat itself and a trapeeze is something I have never done and would really like to have a go at. My adult crew weighs in at about 170k and at times I have 4 kids on board and me. We tow a rope behind the boat and pull people through the water. Loads of family fun.....that what I am looking for I have a 14' hobie at the mo with an additional jib and looking for more floatation and a bit of speed. I appreciate your response so far
  5. northqldpete

    I want a HObie 16 or similar

    Well Norman, you have given me something to think about. The boat sounds like it is just what I am looking for. It must be a nice boat for 5k. Nice hulls, sails and trailer. Any chance of a pic? Also, I once was offered a 1/2 way meet...like in Mackay. Would you be prepared to drive it to Mackay or so if I bought it? mackay is 8 hours from me. How many from you? (about the same I thought). People tell me that there is a problem with some calipso and the rivets pulling out (I must admit that I have only seen one at lake Tinaroo). Let me know your thoughts....
  6. northqldpete

    I want a HObie 16 or similar

    Thanks for that, I should have said that I wanted to spend about 5k tops including transport...can you think of others? I appreciate your help.
  7. I want a hobie 16 with trailer, beach wheels, furling jib that is not too old and does not leak. i am north of Cairns but am prepared to travel. I do not expect to get a boat for nothing. Can you help me?
  8. northqldpete

    I want a hobie 16 with a trailer

    Thanks for that Chocko. Long time for no response. I did call but it was not much of a cat...in fact someone offered $800 for the trailer and did not want the cat! I REALLY appreciate the thought though..... Cheers Peter
  9. northqldpete

    I want a hobie 16 with a trailer

    Thanks ever so much...I have spent some time looking at this and I missed the Bundy boat. I'm on it now!! Cheers Peter
  10. northqldpete

    I want a hobie 16 with a trailer

    Thanks Cruiser. Nice looking boat. I need to source a trailer...a bit far to carry it (800k). Any ideas where to look? I had a little look on ebay and didn't find anything. Cheers Peter
  11. I'm in Cairns and I'm looking for a nice hobie 16 with trailer and rollers and furling sail. I'm happy to travel and don;t expect to get a boat for nothing. Any ideas?