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  1. Catboy

    Nacra 16square for sale $2500

    There's also a 16Sq for sale on http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/ could be the same one, not sure.
  2. Catboy

    Nacra 5 for Sale

    Nacra 5 for sale. Nothing to spend selling due to upgrade Boat in Great Condition $6900
  3. Catboy

    Hobie 16 for Sale

    Hi Oliver, Try posting here as well if you still have your boat for sale. http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/
  4. Catboy

    H18 For Sale

    Hey John,put a post up here of your Cat. http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/
  5. Catboy

    looking for a 14-16ft cat

    Mitch, put a post here under the wanted section. http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/
  6. There is also post on A Class on this site if you own one of these great cats. http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/
  7. Have a look at http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/ A Network were all Cat Sailors are welcome.
  8. Catboy

    Sail or Salvage

    Hi, Have a look here. http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/ Just upload a few photo's of your cat and they will be able to give you some advice, I hate to see a Cat go to Bit's.
  9. Catboy

    Maricat 4.3 for sale

    You may want to post it here as well. http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/
  10. Catboy

    Rudder Design

    Check out this article on Rudder Design, On the site look for a Photo called, Flying a Hull the Caper Cat way. Here is The link. http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/
  11. Catboy

    rebuilding an old windrush 14

    Try here. http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/
  12. Catboy

    Caper cat 14 pics

    Hi, if you need any advice on Caper Cats , try ash at this site.as he has been flying it's hull for some time, there are also Caper Cat Photo's. http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/
  13. Catboy

    cost of downsizing sails

    Your trying to down size and ash is trying to go bigger on his smaller Cat. http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/
  14. Catboy

    The nats bet

    Mast wanted from maricat,cheep please trying to fix a mates cat up,and get him back on the water. http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/
  15. Phil, If you are still after the trailer you may want to post a wanted ad here. http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/