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  1. Village Idiot

    wanted tornado or nacra 6m

    Gumtree tornado hulls $350 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mission-beach/sail-boats/catamaran-hulls/1012701233
  2. Village Idiot

    5.0 nose dives

    Sail the 5.8 then ,, your weight is better suited to that boat anyway.
  3. Village Idiot

    Replacement Rig from a Nacra

    This may be a bit left field , how about a 18 ft skiff rig , they are long enough , light and plenty of 2nd hand sails and rigging . A lot of racing cats don't have rotating rigs , we had a 18 ft skiff rig on a farrier 720 tri I use to sail on , had no dramas at all with the strength of the rig . Other option would be maybe a tornado mast section but my opinion would be that this could be a little underdone with the weight of your boat.
  4. Village Idiot

    Stingray mk2 rig required

    Think I might have one , I was told it was off a 5.7 taipan but I think it's too short for a taipan mast ,it could be off a tornado but it would be off an older boat and it's got twin traps so i'm not convinced it's off a T.It's a wing mast about 9.1 m long has all stays and trap wires down haul blocks ect ,a set of fiberglass diamonds, dead straight and no dings. I'm in Brisbane. I tried looking up the class rules for the mast length and hound heights but can't find the stingray rules on the web? Jay.
  5. Did a trip on my first 5.8 from Sandgate to Tangalooma via the sand hills.wind was se 10-15 in the morning took under 2hrs to get there.upwind .sailed down to Tangalooma (nice spinnaker run) had some lunch at the resort ,swim and snorkel behind the wrecks .sailed home in a 15-20 kt se,er took a little over 1hr 15mins to get back ,perfect reaching angle, averaged nearly 20kts on the trip back on the gps.
  6. Why ? Don't see how mast cleats help you to wild thing?Once the down haul is adjusted going round the top mark ,you would not need to touch it till the bottom mark,crew trims headsail ,skipper plays main..no time for touching downhaul. ,you only work the down haul going upwind and mast cleats are a pain in the ass for this.
  7. Village Idiot

    F18 looking for a club

    Southport yacht club ,has hardstand and good cat fleet! http://www.southportyachtclub.com.au/welcome/page7.php
  8. Village Idiot

    Calypso 16 mast needed

    I have 2 good hobie 16 rigs going cheap ,,,but I'm in Brisbane??
  9. Village Idiot

    Wanted Hobie 18 Tramp, Dagger + Rollers

    just read about 4 of your posts... Dude buy a f#*$*ing add
  10. Village Idiot

    Sailing near a Jetty

    Those fisherman who shark fish off that jetty need rooting.The problem is they float their gear out downwind with ballons,could be 200-300m or more.When the shark or stingray or whatever hits the bait the ballons either pop or float off downwind ,litering the environment. I do a heap of kiteboarding at Brighton,which is dead downwind of Woody point in a NE'er,and most days see these ballons floating downwind. As for compensation I would laugh at them and say "ring the fisheries or water police and I'll see you in court".
  11. Don't have a boat,use to sail 5.8's ,was chasing a tornado rig for a 23Ft tri I'm building and come across a 5.7 Taipan rig,the guy I brought it off somehow ended up with a spare one..
  12. I have one in my back yard I'm in Brisbane!
  13. Village Idiot

    back easy alternatives to trapezing?

    just thinking ,look for an old TRIFLY they come up on ebay every now an then for around $500.00.
  14. Village Idiot

    back easy alternatives to trapezing?

    build one, couple of hundred in marine ply some epoxy and an second hand cat rig and your there.would not be that hard to build a 4.5 m tri!