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  1. druggsrus

    Nacra I17

    Boat is sold, congrats to new owner, sad to see her go.
  2. druggsrus

    Inter 17 for sale Immaculate Condition

    Boat is sold
  3. druggsrus

    Inter 17 for sale Immaculate Condition

    Bump. Still available! Reduced 10k complete
  4. druggsrus

    Cat Wanted

  5. druggsrus

    tipans in wa

    How bout this one. http://beachcatsaustralia.ning.com/forum/topics/nacra-inter-17-for-sale
  6. druggsrus

    Inter 17 for sale Immaculate Condition

    New price $11,000 complete.......... Running out of room, also have laser ex nationals complete full rig, radial and 4.7 rigs turbo kit, magic marine cover and dolly 6k
  7. druggsrus

    Inter 17 for sale Immaculate Condition

    New Email adress thecairnsboyz@bigpond.com Boat is still for sale.
  8. druggsrus

    Nacra 16 sq Mylar flat top sail

    Here is the new one Roscoe made for my I17, sweet as, easy to depower, dosent cavitate the rudders, I say just do it! http://catsailor.net/forums/showthread.php?4475-Inter-17-for-sale-Immaculate-Condition
  9. druggsrus

    Inter 17 for sale Immaculate Condition

    This boat is now $9,000.00 without trailer! / has large beach rollers if you want to store at club. Boat only weighs approx. 120 kg Carbon/Kevlar hulls, carbon rudders and boards, carbon tiller with spare alum tiller, 2 mains, 1 is new, 1 is in excellent condition, both fully battened. (new mast/rigging and main just cost 5k) all foils are in top condition, tramp is in top condition, actually the entire boat is as good as they come 2nd hand, has twin trapeze, and new foot straps. Very stiff platform. Have heaps of vids on u tube of it, has featured in magazines round Dunk island race, can be raced 1 up or 2 up. Has full canvas cover in average condition. Rudders are quick release nacra system, by far the best I have ever seen. Boat has not had any crashes or hull repairs. Can transport to Townsville if needed. Call me if you want to know more Devon 0411097421 or Email wilky@optusnet.com.au
  10. druggsrus

    Inter 17 for sale Immaculate Condition

    Havent had any calls yet razor.
  11. druggsrus

    F16 mast and sails

    clarkie :my Nacra I17 is up for sale, Im not too far from you. Look in the for sale section and call me if you want..Not a lot of these about but it is in top condition and going cheap as I have just bought an A Class, you will find the I17 is as fast as the F16, its all carbon/kevlar new wing mast, new big head square top main, self tacker jib, 19 Sq Mtr spin chute 1 or 2 up lots of spares trailer is fantastic and in most cases the F16 boys wont mind taking you on as the 2 are very similar.
  12. druggsrus

    boat wanted

    How much do you want to spend Shane?
  13. I am looking for a cat trailer suitable for an A Class cat, in good condition, with or without sailbox and rego as I can do myself. Will be travelling from Cairns to North Sydney and back in about 1 weeks time. PM me or call Devon 0411097421
  14. druggsrus

    Windrush 14 Rudder Problem

    It is possible it may be a corroded spring, or also likely the internal spring, similar to that on a kids trampoline, hooks onto a rubber end cap, it has more than likely pulled through that, the other end of the spring is connected to a small bolt goes through rudder arm, you will have to pull one end of the spring out using some thin rope and then push a screwdriver through the spring to keep it out, jamming it across the opening of the tube it is in, then you can replace the rubber connector. The spring is quite strong.