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Found 3 results

  1. I posted a few questions on Seabreeze but someone suggested I should post the questions here. This is just a cut and paste from Seabreeze, but I would appreciate any help I can get. I just bought a Hobie 14 which I think is a Turbo from looking on the Internet. It has a furling jib. I plan to rig and sail it on my own. I have a number of issues I could use some help with. When I first went to put up the mast, I thought a pin went through the mast end fitting and the mast step. There was no pin with the boat so I bought one. When I raised the mast, the pin broke the mast end fitting (see image). Looking at the step, it appears it has also been broken in the past as the holes have an opening as though a pin has pulled through the fitting. After much searching on the Internet, I found a mast step kit which is probably what I should have used. I could use some guidance as to how you raise the mast without the pin??? and should I be using a mast step kit. Also where can I buy Hobie bits around Sydney. The next question is about the jib. Looking at an online store they have a turbo kit with two pulleys on the clew. (http://www.hobiecat.com.au/pdf/sailing/e_turbojib.pdf) I just have a single jib sheet tied to the jib clew in the middle of the sheet. Can someone throw some light on jib sheeting? On the kit, there is also a wire strop from the top of the jib to the mast. On my boat, there is no strop but a pulley on the mast. It looks like it is designed to use a rope halyard. Is this normal, or recommended? Finally, for now, there is no boom vang. Is this recommended for fun sailing as opposed to racing? Help would be appreciated.
  2. Hiya- I will find myself in Vincentia for a week in mid March for a much needed break with the GF and was gonna take the H14 down with us to tool around the bay, beach hop, get some decent line and length, hopefully smack my skills up and tune the boat a bit. Only been Syd Harbour lately and it's a little frustrating. Anyway, from some cursory research it looks like the place to launch is at Plantation Point near the VSC. If that is the case is it possible to leave the boat rigged on the beach there over my stay? Would really save me a lot of grief so if anyone on here is a member of the club or just knows the area well would really be grateful for any info. Cheers, Whollsee.