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Found 3 results

  1. CrestInHope

    CrestCat Help Request

    G'day sailors, Hoping someone may be able to steer me into the right direction. Got my hands on a Crestcat yesterday. Although the hull appears in pretty good nick, and the mast and boom also appear functional, there's missing quite a lot of rigging / usable sail etc that I'm hoping someone may be able to steer me in the right direction. Looking at the stayline rigging for the mast (none provided), as in was it a similar rigging as a Hobiecat for example; info if the Crestcat can have, or did have a jib; rudder / tiller combination (unfortunately none provided). In short, I got my hands on an ol' project. Happy to work away at it, happy to be guided by other's "lessons" so I don't have to make the same ones! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. If there's a manual or two floating on the Internet somewhere (with links that still work) would be unreal! Thanks in advance, Temporarily landlocked sailor.
  2. Hi all. I originally posted this to the bottom of another Sundance thread, then realised it was probably not the proper place for it. I have recently purchased a pretty little Sundance 4.3, because the H18 is a bit of a handful to rig and sail solo and because I know I would never be able to right it if it went over. The Sundance isn't in bad shape for its age (thanks Darryl), but previous owners have done some "interesting" things to the rigging. As far as I know, the forestay bridle should attach to the inner hull lips about a foot back from the bows. This one has them attached to the very tip of the bows, Hobie 14/16 style, to a saddle. There are two other pair of holes in about the correct position. Can anyone tell me how far back from the bow the correct position is? The side stays are similar. They also attach to saddles bolted throughout the hull join lip, but there is evidence of a single hole a little further aft. Is that likely to be the original position of the side stay, or might it have been a hole for trapeze bungee location? How far aft of the forward cross beam should this point be? Should there be a hook and ring at the top of the mast to lock the main, or is the bitter end meant to tie off at the bottom of the mast as it currently does? Any tips on rigging and sailing would be most welcome....as would the proper stay and bridle wire lengths. It doesn't appear that these stay attachment points have been moved because of damage, but rather, to adapt to different length stays. Thanks in anticipation. Cheers telf
  3. Hello everyone. So, I bought an old windrush 14 and I'm having real trouble trying to set it up. I have read the manual, but, I don't really understand the terminology, and it seems that the manual has a load of stuff I don't. The first real issue that I have is the mast setup. It seems like there are two side stays, and a forward stay (headsail) that keep the mast up, but when I put it up the mast leans forward about 25 degrees. I can loosen the fore stay and use the main sheet (? the sheet from the back of the boom to the traveller?) to bring the mast up straight (which also brings to boom to horizontal), but then I have loads of slack in the side stays and on the one time I took it sailing the mast moved around alot and I was really worried that the force of the mast was going to put the side stays out. Is there a windrush association in Melbourne? Or is there somewhere I can take it for some help? I'm am dying to take her out sailing. Thanks Jacob