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Found 2 results

  1. Mattgl


    HI guys, I have acquired a second hobie 16 locally! It is in pretty good condition and I would love to get it going again. I am missing a few parts so thought I would ask around - The boat needs 1 left rudder blade 1 left rudder casting upper and lower. tiller Main sail. Are there any interchangable parts with other cats (Mari/ windy/ caper) or h14/17/18 or would all parts have to come from a H16.. Other option is to sell what I've got left over, H16 trailer (GC) H16 hull (GC) H16 right rudder/ casting upper and lower, cam H16 boom H16 mast H16 jib Just thought I'd put the feelers out to see if I could either source the parts to get it going? or if anyone was interested in taking on the project, or interested in any of the parts?. that and my wife would probably kill me if I came home with another H16 for parts!!! Thanks Matt
  2. Santa I've been good, domesticated even, I put out the garbage, mow the lawn, peel veges and help cook, do the dishes and take the missus shopping,which should earn me gold bonus points. You see I am still in boatless withdrawal mode after seeing my cat disappear into the distance. One part of me was keen for a change, while the other side said NOOOOOO! So i find myself daily knotting ropes, tightening shackles and sorting fittings, silicon spray and even stirring axle grease while scouring the For Sales on ebay and Gumtree. As everything is either too big a handful for little old 80 kilo me, too new and hideously expensive beyond my meager resources, located beyond the black stump in outer khazakhstan Perth, Vicwegia, Tassie or SouthOz or just plain old, outdated and appallingly neglected, can you check your maritime division warehouse and see if you can find me a recent Hobie 16 or Nacra 4,5 or 6 the owner has let sit unused in their yard and now just wants gone. i am over having the only cat of its type at club sailing and now want to join a fleet I can pace myself against, Please don't send me to the monohulls as punishment. Its not too much to ask is it to shut me up? i promise to be good in 2014 and stay away from boat porn sites like Boatpoint, Sailing Anarchy, and leering at those elite capitalist B%$##@'s in A class and F18 racing. QB2