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Found 2 results

  1. jumble

    Just came aboard

    Hi all, So in search of much information I found myself here. Where is the Mosquito forum. I see forums for all the other cats but not the one i want haha. If I have mozzie questions where do I direct them to? Saying I need lots of help would be an understatement.
  2. Dear Catsailor World, I need some sailing advice and I live so far from the Ocean there is no body with any sailing experience in a 1000 km radius (or thereabouts but whose counting?) Please help. We have discovered a lake of about 3000 hectares that we want to learn to sail on, when I say we, my partner and I total 160kg and are both reasonably fit and strong. The lake is reasonably calm most of the time. We don't want to pay too much as the lake will go dry in time, but we do have plans to move to the coast in a couple of years and would like to see if sailing suits our style. We're thinking a cat is the way to go given the fact that the lake will get shallow as it dries up. What size cat do we need? is a 14ft going to handle our weight or do we need to go bigger? Is there a particular one that would be easy to learn on and robust enough to handle being towed over rough dirt roads? We've found a Maricat 14, a Hydra 16 and a wind rush 14 on ebay etc. Are any of these suitable? Can you recommend any internet sites or books for us to learn the basics? Thanks in anticipation- Dustysail