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Found 2 results

  1. Aussie in training

    Wanted - Hobie 16 main sail

    I have an old Hobie Cat 16 (around 1980's) and am looking for a replacement main sail for it. In Qld Toowoomba. Thanks Peter
  2. Hi all, I brought a windie 14 cheap (in NZ sail No. 2093) that was in need for some TLC. Needed a new rudder (or two), some glass on the bottom of the hulls, work on the road trailer and a face lift would make it look a million bucks! But for the price it was still cheaper to buy it and invest in it and end up with a nice play boat. The sort of thing that I can come home use and put away, not really worrying too much about maintenance. However today while I rolled her over to work on the bottom of the hulls we herd something go clunk inside the Port hull. On closer inspection it feels that the Bulkheads inside the hull or what ever gives it structural support has become dislodged. The hull has a lot of movement (2-5cm) on both sides, compared to the other hull which is rather ridged. So my question is this; does anyone have any information of the layout of the internals inside the hull and how much effort/time and money is required to fix it? At this point I am leaning toward cutting my losses and buying a 'not so big project' or another class of boat. Any advise? Is it worth giving this boat another breath of life... or parting it out? Many Thanks, James.