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Yeah mate,

We ran a few of their kites on the Tornado as did Bundy and Forbes as with many Australians and offshore teams. These kites were sold through Gary Geitz from Olympic Sails who provided the local and off shore marketing for them but made by MacDiarmid. If you want a Tornado kite through them you must go through Geitz. If it is not a Tornado kite, talk to them direct. They have a lot of experience with skiff kites but are also very experienced with cat kites. Done a lot of testing and development with Geitz, Bundy, Forbes and Fletch with Tornado kites.

Give them a shot. You should be very happy with the product.

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Thanks for that. The sail is for my 430 (14ft cat) http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4287241557

I've already been talking to them and was aware that they had done some kites for Bundy and Forbes from the pics on the wall at their loft, and some discussion about them but I wasn't aware they had done so much work with them or how successful they had been. They have my dimensions and I'm expecting a price from them soon.


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