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Hi all,

My partner and I have purchased #446 and we love it. how ever we can't find any information about class regulations or really anything on them, as we race competitively and want to bring the Hydra into this decade...... is there an association? if so how do I get in touch with them? We Sail out of Rathmines, on Lake Macquarie.

we would love to also know if there are any others out there on the lake.



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Nice looking boat, we have a good strong cat fleet racing at Mannering Pk on saturdays, Mari, Hobie, Taipan and F18s. Come down any saturday, or give me a call on 43591729. 

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Hi there,

I too have purchased a hydra cat, sail number 1108 “Thuggery”, about 18 months back, not much sailing last year though... but hoping to get out tomorrow :)   

When I first got into sailing in the 80's, I was quite taken by Hydra Cats and just had to get one.  The boat I brought was sail number 424 “Osprey”.  It was a real experience; the first time I took it out, other sailors at the local club had to show me how to rig it!! 

But as I learnt to sail and tune the boat, I became quite competitive in a mixed fleet of fifteen cats, regularly taking out the yardstick trophy.  They are a great cat to sail and its good to see others finding them as well.

While writing this post I looked up a couple of articles in “Cat & boardsailor” Vol 5 No 3, Vol 5 No 4, written by Colin Cain, who was national champion at the time, on how to “hot up your hydra”, well worth a read if you can find them!!

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