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Wild cat

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We’ve all dreamt of Olympic success.

Admiration and acknowledgement success and

of course


We’ve seen our swimmers sink

our vaulters grounded

our shooters miss their mark


our divers flop.

Our gymnasts lost their spring

and our horses a bit loose in the top paddock.

But our sailors sailed the seas and brought bounty for us all.

Gold in their pockets…

And as true to any sailor they started and ended their day safe

in the lovin’ arms of their nearest and dearest-

The Cove Inn

A Pub!

So let us celebrate with our nearest and dearest and gather for the biggest sailing regatta of them all.

Inn the Lovin’ arms of

The Wildcat.

The October Long-Weekend.

Sept 29-30- Oct 1.

These guys are getting ready!


Three days of sailing and celebrating.


"HEY. Which one of you NACRA guys left your flowers on the Bistro heater?"

Footy Finals for all.

The Band is back and The Capulets are returning for Sunday Night Live!

Back again by popular request El Nino will be performing for September onwards with daily performances of sea breezes ripping across the lake.

See you here at the WILDCAT.


"So I'm on this catamaran and suddenly there is this powerful wind in my face- I've never felt it before"

Pack the usual

Forget the rest.


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Sorry to hear that you can't be here to share the love!

Will make sure that the tradition continues and the beer remains cold, the Bundy close at hand and the sailing fast and fun.

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does a bear shit in the woods?.........the CRANK boys and their nacra will be there.i also expect to see you and kershy at the calling all skippers regatta Brad.

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good to see the crank boys are comming to the party, the old farts will be at your regatta, as you always come to ours. bring on the wildcat. lets hope the weather gods give us gold weather. its our AGM this sat if the cranks want to have a beer with us, 0422537833. BRAD

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