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F18 Capricorn

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After months of indecision our boat, Bent & Twisted, is finally on the market. The name of the boat in no way reflects the quality of this late model original Capricorn. It does reflect on the sailors, who were still able place equal first (second on a count back) at the last F18 NSW state titles. Unfortunately losing to one of the new model Capricorns (Damn you Kringle). So imagine how much faster you could go on it without a Bent & Twisted crew....

The boat has been recently modified to take the PSA long narrow centre boards, making it faster upwind and easier to sail downwind. This is a $4k upgrade that has totally transformed what was already a great boat.

Now that the longer boards have been fitted she is on minimum weight, where before she was over 4kgs under weight.

There are 2 full sets of sails. One set is virtually new and has only been used a handful of times.

A new black tramp has been fitted recently and it has the optional centre ring if you want to move the rotator to the lower position.

Nearly all of the fittings have been replaced to new Harken fittings. That has mostly stopped the Princess up the front from complaining.

If you would like to move to the front of the fleet, then give us a call. We're taking offers around $13k.

Grant on 0438 118393


Neil aka "Stiffy, The Stiff Man or Old Man" on 0412 252827

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