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Older plywood cat

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I had 1 of these for a few years. then I got a QC (from Freecycle) and used the alloy beams / tramp from the solo on the QC - any crew that come along appreciate it more than the crucifix.

very similar boats.

I prefer the QC (still sail it from time to time) as the stick is much further fwd, makes the balance better and tacking much easier in my opinion. does tend to nose dive more however weight shifting is an easy prevention for that. I have a trap on it (no spreaders) but as the mast is so far fwd its only good for the crew.


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Hi  another newbie to this site, I was the last Secretary /Treasurer of the Victorian Quickcat Association prior to it's disbandment, the last President Jim Etheridge and myself designed the new aluminium bridgedeck  in a last ditch effort to combat the loss of skippers to the Dolphin, yep I am an old salt. Some oldies may remember we had what we called a country championship to help promote the Quickcat in country areas, this was the brainchild of a Sorrento Y C Skipper John Good (Black Sails) Yes I did sail against Bob Foreman and the last of the great champs Alan Goodall, when sailing against them it was only a battle for second place, being a lousy skipper the only way I could beat them was on a Tornado. 

Still have the Quickcat promotional 8mm home movie and also the 8th Australian Quickcat Championship held at Elwood 1974-75, thinking of getting them digitised.

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