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Very kooool.. u should stick that on YouTube - with a little soundtrack behind it... and location...
Here's an excellent shoot - at South West Rocks - windsurfing...
A combo of close-up and wide angle/distance shots... with a complementary sound-track that doesn't overwhelm the visuals...
This really is the kind of promotional video Windrush should do...
Just purr-fekt environment at South West Rocks - lots of accommodation and a pub / eateries and modern amenities... who wouldn't want to sail there after seeing this?

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We had 17 Windrush sailing in the Walpole regatta that weekend , and there were 18 Windrush sailing in the States on the same weekend up at Dongra WA. So great to have so many on the water.  It was 20/25 knots on the sunday afternoon as seen by the totally flapping sails prior to the start. It was a mixed fleet regatta with 130 boats on the water from Trailer sailors down to optimists with everything in between including moths on foils.  A great weekend.

Drones make for some great footage and shows the diversity of boats sailing in the regatta.   14yr George did the footage !! Well done .

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Could we get some info about which drone George was using?
The consensus seems to be that the DJI Phantom 4 drones are best at holding their position in strong breezes - up to around 20 - 25 knots... but there's still some debate about it...
Their cheaper DJI Mavic drone also seems to be one to consider, but it doesn't have the same 'obstacle avoidance' sensors that the Phantom 4 Pro does... and as it's smaller it sounds like it wouldn't be as effective in stronger winds - and would be subject to getting blown about...
Also, has anyone experimented yet with the 'Follow Me' function - on a fast moving cat?
I understand that the drones can be made to lock onto an object - or a person - but a fast moving catamaran that changes its outline depending on it's orientation to the drone may be problematic?
I think that a 'fun' video showing how arriving at the beach / rigging-up and getting on the water is so fast and easy - along with some exciting aerial footage is just what the Windrush 14 needs...

I'd do it, but I'm not a competent drone pilot yet...

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