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Former Cobra being bought back to active life

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Hi Everyone, 

Just dropping a line to let you know that this former Cobra sailor is getting back into sailing. I have left a topic on the shed forum about the repairs but thought I would say giday here as well. This is the 3rd cobra I have owned. The first was a fibreglass one built by Colin Ball in Bowen. My partner at the time would get sea sick in a mill pond and it was a fair hike to Bowen so it was sold. During my midlife crisis I found a new partner who doesn't get seasick and introduced her to sailing. Needless to say we bought a secondhand wooden Cobra shortly after. Had many great adventures with this one as members of the Mission Beach and Tinaroo Sailing clubs.

We had the misfortune to rip the port bow clean off but as I had been dabbling in epoxy, we had the boat repaired in a week. We eventually sold Breathless and bought a minimum weight pro built wooden Cobra called Tightrope from Alan Henderson. A change of employment put an end to sailing until now. So it is getting bought out of hibernation, patched up, a new paint job and back on the water in the not too distant future. We have been members of Tinaroo previously and know several cat sailors there.

Looking forward to the sound of wind on sail and water rushing past.


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