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Cobra sails pinhead verses square top

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This option wasn't around when I last had the Cobra on the water. Ok apart from the measurements, what are the differences in performance and what mods are needed to accomodate this sail on the standard rig. For instance, I assume because both sails are the same area, the square top would have a shorter foot. Is the boom shortened or left full length. Any advantage for a crew weight of 150kg? What are they worth and are there any secondhand ones on the market yet? Might be interested in one, once I get back on the water.


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There are 2 designs around at the moment - long storey.

The short version is one will go straight on existing rigs - no changes required.

They are much more forgiving when sailing one up, gybing and in heavy conditions.

Still playing with shape and battens - but they seem to go quite well.


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