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What to look for when buying a Hobie 16

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I'm wanting to buy a Hobie 16 and am looking for some advise on what to look for when inspecting the boat.

I am not planning on racing, just want a boat for a bit of fun sailing once a month, but don't want to buy a lemon which is going to keep costing me money.

The 2 that I have looked at so far (both under $1500) have both had soft spots on the top of the hulls, just forward of the front pylons. From what I have read, I should steer clear of these. Not too sure if this is caused by stress on the hulls (due to being sailed a lot / in rough conditions), being left out in the elements, or just old age.

Many of the sellers aren't too sure of the age. Are there certain things to look out for which would indicate the approximate age?

Any advise on what to keep an eye out for would be much appreciated. Also what I would expect to pay for a Hobie 16 that would suit my needs.



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The soft spots are a reasonably easy fix for a repairer, and should not be reason to shy away from a boat which is otherwise sound,

(Price drop of $500 should cover this repair easily) Ph John Kersh 02 43551168 for quote.

Other things to check are, corrosion on spars and pylons, transom damage (caused by internal corrosion)

rudder locking mechanism (Check operation while on trailer)

John will be able to assist with any other questions as the 16s are his specialty.

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I made a purchase today. It's circa 1985, but the guy I bought it off has kept it in pristine condition. It spent most of its life covered with a tarp inside a garage. Shes a 30 year old boat, but only looks a couple of years old (apart from the clear anodized aluminum).

spars and pylons as new, but mast has a fair bit of pitting. This was the only thing that was left in the weather. Hopefully it won't weaken the meat too much. 

Thanks Darcy for the tip, but I don't think I will be needing John for this one.



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