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Dear Sir, I write to ask for your help with the following if any of your members are interested.  Do YOU want to BUILD or REPAIR your own CANOE, KAYAK, DINGHY, SKI, ICEBOX, foils even MODEL BOATS or entry level, MULTHULL 6 to 8 m. I need HELP finishing projects (so they don't go to landfill) I have factory, experience, knowledge, materials, moulds and ideas to modernize. Ex small business, now not for profit. Thisability pensioner, sick of working alone. Happy to help with your project, in exchange for your help and use of moulds. Would suit someone retired, wanting to learn more aboat fibreglass, or unemployed. or just loves 'messing aboat with boats'. Lots of boats (some free or cheap) and moulds and ideas. Brisbane Bayside, Redlands.

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Hi BJ. Thanks for your opinion regarding my"APOLLO" Good luck finding help. I''m in remote Northern Australia offshore working on an Island. Hence my interest in sailing but I can't be of much help from here.

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