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Seeking advice. 


Do they behave ok with 1 man? 

Rigging,  sea kindliness,  derigging. 

Ditto with Cobra.  Seen them advertised too. 

Seeking a quick easy launch sail boat.  Cats tick a lot of boxes. 

Most life expectancy is..  A quick launch cat single handed.  Local coast days.  Race and/or cruise.  Inexperienced crew if crewed probable. 

On it to have fun.  I like rough weather.  I haven't on her.  Will be a while before I learn catsize techniques,  etc. 

Currently I've seen a Cobra and a Stingray at around $1000. Happy to seaworthy a season and race the following year.  Major components important.  Car breaks down,  we walk.  Feast beasts swim with us out there. 

Preferred location;  windy and flat. 



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Anyone know where I may obtain a copy of Stingray class rules please?

He looks like a nice vessel..  Needs a tidy..99% sure I'll be allowed to garage the beast.

'You don't buy a boat,  you purchase the option to upkeep a vessel'..I read that from a cruiser and unlike a boat;  if a car breaks down you don't have to swim ashore. 

Do nationals attract much fleet?  I don't mind thinking I'll repair via 2 of 3 method..  Time,  quality,  cost.. Choosing time and quality.  Has minor issues.. Might as well hang off until certain of class rules.  Fix once,  fix properly. 


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