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A class tak

A class kat. 

Or similar familiar. 


I know this is difficult.  Putting plastic in pockets to take home and put in recycling bin really helps reduce toxins below the hulls yet in a trash society that pretends perfume is cleanliness performance..  Ahh.  I sail off coast of Adelaide.  King is Karno;  triangle Meningee,  Cape Jervous,  Outer Harbour.  He's kind,  animals love him,  picking up plastic helps less pretend here.  Not a greedy can't like the can knot of dad.  He was offered an expiation by the water police flying one,  skiffing the other.  Strong breeze undisturbed,  no fetch.  Farther wind with know mothers momentum minimal. 

Gotta get 40knot and better him just in case the 39 knot Paper Tiger was a mate of his.  I doubt I will.  I'll have fun trying.  

Liking the broader leading edge. 

Liking the knife slice. 

No idea again.  

Sorted..  Who cares,  we're filling with toxins and pretends,  atmosphere and men. 


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Sorted.. If interested in swapping a beast with a beast I might be too. 

Solo class.  

She's very tidy or she gets another polish and professionally advertised. 

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Ashore man and so bored.. 

I don't know cats. 

Probably saving towards a foam composite that'll handle my conditions.  Solo able,  generally shallow bay beach launched.  Any cat would handle the harbours river.  Outback I'd like the surf,  holds fairly steep without white caps until near breakwater and chops white caps over that during much wind. 

I'm thinking Tornado and just baby that until confident,  Taipan 4.9, Mosquito,  Cobra if rightable?,  A class. 

I shouldn't write so much but aye.. Can't take it with me because even the irony of the 10 Commandments exist.  We support the system that stole from the tombs of the races that gifted us the 10 commandments. When king Tut was allowed moisture,  I had been dirt biking years and years on a race prepared Suzuki 250 yet mind cry repeat, "King Tut, " lost my rhythm on a postie bike and broke my ankle.  Trippy aye.  Moz's well yet tired. 

So bored.  Glad I'm truthful unless read by false. 

Not keen on a swap,  just interested in a race boat that'll match up with something out there.  Selling that regardless whether swap direct or via cash. 

We forecast weather.. Most prefer hand eye coordination.  We all need to better our habits of earth protection. 

So Watt.  Even more annoying on a race tack. 


Up windward boat,  up, 

Ewe mother flock a,  within 2 and eye Ram ewe,  knot into bouys,  ewe make room.. 

So bored


Ain't a grovel,  just found an audience.  I'd been A grade BFM,  accepted into intelligence,  rejected their career offer and have been dead twice since.  The pretend of our English language is appalling,  bullying many to obtain further fields of trash disposal,  pretending to obey 10 commandments and respect elders yet with knowledge of empty tombs, the list is huge..... 

Our Earth isn't as strong as the people that dumb found me believe it is. It is as easy as carrying individual plastic pie wrappers home rather than landfill bin.  It is easy as sailing rather than stink.  It is as easy as less perfume.  It is as easy as leaving my bike home with her bow to the door and push bike riding. It is as easy as a large full keel rather than a shallow plane.  Hmm.  Maybe a Hobie 16.

Nowadays just a stuffed upper nose,  a sore back and two tired legs and a thirst to make water whine;  know wind. 

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