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Windrush 14 Jib dimensions

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I ordered a new jib to be made for my W14.  I found the dimensions on the WR website as: Luff 4.29m, Leech 4.00m, Centre 4.21m, Foot 1.435m, Head 0.06m.  I sent these to the local sail maker with my old forestay, but he noted that the forestay was 300mm shorter that the luff quoted. 
It seems that the dimensions quoted on https://windrushassociation.weebly.com/uploads/9/9/3/1/99310448/windrush_class_rules.pdf is larger than the original jib from my W14.

Can anyone help with the dimensions of the original jib with a luff of 3.900m?

The attached image is a drawing that the sailmaker sent to me to show the difference

Thanks Pete

Image (18).jpg

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Hi Pete, did you have any luck with the jib?

I'm looking at getting one made in Hong Kong and wondered how you got on.

Cheers, Rob

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