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Tony Hicks

Mast float for a Windrush 14?

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G"day All,

Just wondering if there's a way to attach a mast float to an older style Windrush 14? 

Anyone done this or have any info or ideas on how to do it? I'm only just learning to sail in

Lake Cootharaba on the Sunshine Coast QLD, and the lake is only about 2m deep max and is tidal, so I'm

a bit worried about the mast getting stuck on the bottom if she turtles!

Any advise much appreciated - cheers.

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Tie a couple of 1litre milk bottles to the top of your sail. Mast floats just make it that much harder to right,

after capsize.

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Here's what I used when I was first learning, Especially when I had the kids onboard. Darcy is right, more weight at the tip requires more weight (x10) to right the boat.

I'm 85kg 5'7" and I could right my boat with this arrangement fitted without too much effort.

Remember the wind will do the righting, you just need get the top 1/3 out of the water.

It's just a standard boat fender, go a light as you can, you don't need too much bouyancy. Nothing particularly aerodynamic about it, but it'll give you "piece of mind"



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