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Windrush14/ Trac14 parts and advise needed

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Hello, Newbie here. Just picked up a Trac14 basically free amd am hoping to get her back in shape. Never sailed before but a friend took me out and gave me about 10 minutes of instruction and I was off and running. Totally hooked! Now I want to fix a few things. I have a fair understanding of things as ive spent a good part of my life on the ocean as a commercial fisherman on the Oregon Coast. Am now in the southeastern U.S.. I have heard that the windrush is basically the same vesel? There is a guy here in the states that has a new sail but won't be home from his summer vacation till end if September. Thought I'd reach out here for some other bits I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

The perch for the main cam cleat swivel is broke off and I'd like to fix that so I can set it and let go now and then. Hoping there may be an old parts rig aroind with one still in one piece. I am a tool maker so I could try to can something if necessary but hope mayne I can be tricky amd find one. Also would like to make up new stays and main halyard if I could find some length specs somewhere. 

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 Thanks Darrcy. I'll do that. Going to try to repair the sail enough to get me by till the end of September. the stays will work for now but one has been improperly repaired and is a few inches shorter than the other so I'll definitely need to make at least that one. 

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